I am Aniket Negi, a sophomore at university studying Mechanical Engineering. Welcome to my corner of the World Wide Web.

My passion for engineering started at a young age, sparked by a Mechanix set and fueled by a love for tinkering with machines. My fascination with computers began with my dad's computer. I'd spend hours exploring the components, and hours after that being scolded if i broke something haha.

Curiosity has been my guide, leading me to diverse fields of study. In today's age of open information, I indulge my interests through online guides.

Inspired by the philosophy of "Study to become accomplished, not affluent," my blogs and gardens reflect my thirst for knowledge. If you share this thirst for knowledge and have interesting thoughts to share, shoot me an e-mail . I'm always eager to connect with new people.

Aside from engineering, I used to write poetry and prose, which you can find on my literature page. Although life took me in different directions for a while, I'm now in a place where I can restart this practice.

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